Old Timer's Disease

After all this time, I finally had something "meaningful" to post here, and now I don't have the foggiest idea of what it was.

I should mention that "meaningful" is relative, and it certainly wasn't earth-shaking. I'm not even sure it would have meant anything to anyone but me, but I do think at least it meant something to me.

That's all for now :)
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Life isn't always stranger than fiction -- or something

This seems to be making the rounds, and it finally roped me in. I'm such a lemming.

You Are 25% Strange!

You are very slightly strange. This means you are quite normal. You don't exactly freak out old grandmas or anything. You most likely fit in well with the crowd. Hey, it's okay, being normal ain't so bad.

How Strange Are You?
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If I'm only 25% strange, either this test is seriously off base or the world is in way worse trouble than I think. Pick one :)
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(no subject)

I ganked this from substitute, so let's blame him for making me think at the ridiculous time of almost 11AM :)

My Political Views
I am a center-left moderate social libertarian
Left: 2.55, Libertarian: 2.04

Political Spectrum Quiz

Oh, have I mentioned it's COLD here? OK, it's COLD here.
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OK, it's official.

Tina Fey looks more like Sarah Palin than Sarah Palin does.
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Spellcheck and Me

I just thought I'd mention that spellcheck doesn't do squat if you mistype words that are actually other words.

So, please, for future reference, read what I mean, not what I type.

Thank you :)
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Omar Minaya sucks

What kind of a chickenshit move was it to fire Willie Randolph in the middle of the freaking night?

Besides, Minaya was the one who hired the players that couldn't perform. Maybe HE should have been fired instead.

I never thought I'd be making a post about BASEBALL. Just goes to show you, you live long enough, you see EVERYthing.

Edited because I can't freaking SPELL. Or type. Or both.
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